The HaringKids site is a safe place for kids and their parents and teachers to explore the incredible art of Keith Haring. Here at the Keith Haring Foundation we want to assure you that we will do everything to protect the privacy of our young visitors. For kids visiting this page for the first time, ask your parents to go over this with you.
Inside Tip on Personal Information
The only time we collect email addresses is when they are voluntarily sent with art or story submissions; then we use those addresses only to contact kids or parents or teachers if we have questions about their work. We do not post those addresses on line, nor do we sell, distribute or hand out your information to anyone else. It all stays between you, the Foundation, and the designers of our site, Daniel Wiener. We do not keep permanent lists of email addresses, but instead delete them after a show is complete.
No Online Advertising
No advertising whatsoever is aimed at children visiting our site. We do provide the address of the Keith Haring Pop Shop in the parent/teacher section of the site in case a school or a household wishes to buy Haring materials. But this address is not a click-able link -- you must type it into the browser address field to go to there.
Do We Have Cookies?
No! We do not use cookie technology on our site. We do not store any information about people visiting our site other than through standard server logs, which tell us how many people visited the site each day and which pages were visited.
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